"Vtoroy Mekhovoy" —is a workshop, which brings together creative and indefferent people who put their hearts into their work. Our studio is open to all who feel the same passion for turning ideas into reality, as we do. Due to the unlimited possibilities in the choice of fur, cashmere lining and accessories, as well as fifteen years of persistent work, we can realize almost any idea. To do this, you only need to make an appointment with our designer. Turnaround time of production is 2-4 weeks from the date of the first meeting.


Adress: Moscow, Bersenevskaya Naberezhnaya, 6, bld. 3

Telephone: + 7 (903) 211-1428







We buy the highest quality fur on the world's leading auctions in Russia, Denmark, Finland and Canada. We use only natural and rare colors.


Cashmere and wool

All the casmere and wool used by our company is supplied directly by Loro Piana.




To make it a comfortable outwear we use high quality zippers from the oldest Italian manufacturer Lampo.


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During the long years of production we managed to collect rare and unique equipment, starting from modern sewing machines, custom dissolution, ironing and dry steam machines, and finishing with the restored antique fur sewing machines. But the main ingredient, which gives each of our product and exclusivity — is handwork.

To make the coat look like a complete fur artwork, it requires long and an unremitting toil of the craftsman. Sometimes it takes a master more than a month to create a single model, because to pick the harmoniously fitting skins in color, texture and shade, an experienced eye has to check hundreds similar skins.

Every kind of fur has its own characteristics and requires a special construction of the model structure. Our creative department has four fashion designer specializing in different styles and directions. Extensive experience of the experimental production has allowed our designers to learn all the nuances of behavior of different textures and take into account the particularity's to create a new model ideal for your image.